About Us

Bungy Nepal Adventure is one of Nepal’s premier adventure tourism company, which is specialized in infrastructure tourism using regional and natural bridge. It is the only company in Nepal offering a natural double deck cantilever bridge bungy.

Bungy Nepal Adventure was started in 2018 with the motive to provide quality service, unique culture, safety environment, and customer satisfaction. We believe in providing a totally safe environment in harmony with the local culture where people can present themselves with the ultimate personal challenge & achieve something they never dreamed possible.

Bungy Nepal Adventure strives to provide a positive and rewarding experience in a safe and controlled environment. It gives an exciting chance to face your fears, test your own potential, offering an experience that you will never forget. We focus on helping every jumper discover the inner strength to overcome their fear by providing an extreme test of courage in a safe, professional and fun way.

Safety is our number one priority

Before you jump, you will be weighed and the bungy equipment will be calibrated to take account of your body weight. To ensure each jumper’s safety, we strictly adhere to safety procedures which include double- and triple-checking equipment. Our operating manual follows rigorous guidelines and itemized checks designed to eliminate human error. In addition to our series of safety checks, we only use the best equipment available. Our equipment is checked on a daily basis and all equipment is replaced at the start of each new season. To further guarantee your safety we have at least two trained Jumpmasters present at every site, all of whom have been certified to international safety standards. In addition, locally employed Nepalese staff get the best training available from certified Bungy Nepal jumpmasters.